Woodn Industries announces the new Woodn&Greenwood Decking Care line
November 14th, 2016

After careful and extensive research, Woodn Industries is proud to announce the new Woodn&Greenwood Decking Care line, a comprehensive range of unique professional products made to enhance the care and beauty of Woodn and Greenwood deckings.

This line includes 4 products that fully respond to every need: INTENSIVE CLEANER, SHIELD, SPRAY HARD CLEANER and HARD CLEANER.

INTENSIVE CLEANER is a sanitizing detergent based on plant extracts with strong bactericidal action for long-lasting deep and thorough floor cleaning. INTENSIVE CLEANER is available in 1 litre bottles or 5 litre tanks.

SHIELD is a water- and oil-repellent protective treatment based on water with highly-penetrating nanoparticles that effectively minimize the formation of unaesthetic stains on the floor due to oily and organic substances or dirt in general. This product creates a slightly matting effect on the floor, thus ensuring a perfect colour stability. SHIELD is conveniently packaged in 5 litre tanks and can be easily applied with a paint brush.

SPRAY HARD CLEANER and HARD CLEANER have been studied to successfully remove the deepest and most persistent stains: the former is a spray to be used on small and localized stains; the latter is more effective on extended stains.
SPRAY HARD CLEANER is available in 200 ml spray bottles. HARD CLEANER in liquid form is supplied in 1 litre tanks.

The professional products of the Woodn&Greenwood Decking Care line can only be purchased from Woodn Industries or through authorised dealers.

For further information, please visit our website page Laying & Maintenance or contact our Technical Department (ufficiotecnico@woodn.com – tel. 0039 049 89 60 706 extn. 3).